Måndag 21/5: Dance After Work – Salsa & merengue


Lördag 19/5: The Delta Dullards

Fredag 18/5: Klubbkväll i metallens tecken!


Torsdag 17/5: Jazz Jam på L´Orient med Anders Johansson & Friends

Onsdag 16/5: Lindy hop

Måndag 14/5: Dance AfterWork på L´Orient – Salsa & merengue

Lördag 12/5: Nekrokraft releasefest, Support, Revenge Prevails + Recreated

Fredag 11/5: The Animals

Torsdag 10/5: Fria händer

Måndag 7/5: Dance AfterWork – Kursavslutning

Dance AfterWork – Kursavslutning Come and join us for an evening with food, drinks, dance classes, performances and social dancing from 18:30 until 23:00. This evening our main theme is our traditional end-of-courses party. We will play a mix of … Läs mer